Lassellsville School

District #3
Lassellsville School - 1923

No identification of students available.

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Lassellsville School 

A souvenir of Lassellsville School, District # 3, was presented to the students by their teacher, L. D. Brownell, June 17, 1898. D. G. Michael was trustee. Those attending were:


Raymond Kring

Annie Weaver

Frank Walrath

Henry Krouse

John Leek

Edward Ostrom

Louise Dempster

Harry Betinger

George Smith

Harry Shults

Alice Dempster

Reuben Smith

Stella Weaver

Dora Bronk

Ethal Monk

Floyd Smith

Arthur Miles

Frank Bronk

Libbie Crouse

Leonard Dempster

Fannie Argersinger

Clifford Argersinger

Frank Betinger

James Youker

Leman Sponable

James Ostrom

Chloe Monk

Leone Shults

Edith Bellinger

Mable Bellinger

Lena Smith

Jessie Weaver

Daisy Miller

Libbie Gray

William Weaver

Carrie Weaver

Rossir Bronk

Nathan Fical

Carrie Sponable

Mary Sponable

Jessie Ostrom

Anna Weaver

Leman Fical

Charles Fical, Jr.

Carrie Gray

Nancy Sponable

Florence Petro

Daniel Denure, Jr.

Anna Miller

Nellie Weaver

Martha Duesler

Lela Dempster

Because James Dempster owned the land where the church and school house are located, it is assumed that he either gave or sold the land on which the school house was built. It is believed to be around one hundred years old. The fire department now occupies the school house.

Mr. L. D. Brownell was the Division Engineer for the Erie Canal of the Utica District for many years.

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