District #7

Ingham's Mills School
Jenks Hollow School


Ingham's Mills School - ca. 1900 - 05

Gene, Ross and Jess Johnson among boys who are seated.
Estella Johnson under right window.

Photo submitted by Bill Elwood.


Mr. Allen acknowledges that this is a work in progress and continues his research about the history of the Oppenheim school system.  If you can contribute any information about Oppenheim schools, identify people in pictures or are willing to share any items or pictures, please contact:

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Jenks Hollow School, District #7 - no photo.

Memo from Alec Christman

In 1907, attending this school were: Alexander Christman, Melissa Romain, Anna Romain, William Romain, Hazel Denmark, Robert Sponable, Verna Sponable, Emmerson Monk, Ruth Monk, Edna Monk, Robert Jawell, Mildred Jewall, Madge Cool, Cora Smith, Loyd Smith, Claude Smith, Ida Smith, Lena Wood, Claude Harding, Mable Harding and Lillian Prime. The foregoing lived in Jenks Hollow with the exception of Lena Snell (Later Wood). Other outsiders were: Olive Dorn, Guy Dorn, Eva Dorn, Edith Dorn, Clyde Putman, William Putman, Mildred ? (Niece of George Smith), Lyman Christman, Ruth Christman, Alberta Christman, Ella Christman, who lived on Murray Hill (now Popp's farm). Ella later married Elmer Lighthall.

Alexander Christman started a fire in the stove each day to heat the school and was paid $.10 per day. Some of the teachers were: Jennie ?, Madge Bolster, ? Smith, Mellow Wicks, Lyda Loucks, Jennie Polmateer, and Mrs. Bennett who went down in the great Titanic Ship, crossing the Atlantic. One of the last teachers was Cora Handy Knoblauch.

The school closed around 1925. Some student went to the Caroga School. The district lines were changed and students closer to the Ephratah School were transferred to District #10.

Lulu Davidson was the teacher when Alexander Christman went to school.


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