District #15



Irene Gifford, teacher (from Oneonta)

Fanny Hayes is the tall girl, Peter DeNure is boy at left.
No other identifications.

The school still standing, owned by Wayne Montana.


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District # 15

List of scholars who attended the district school of District #15 in the towns of Ephratah and Oppenheim during the term commencing January 21, 1850 and ending 11th day of April 1850. ( A rare listing)

Affirmed by Asenath Barnes, teacher.

John Drake Francis Still
Amenzo Drake Hellen Drake*
Stephen G. Hutchinson Mary Drake*
Wesley Dempster Hannah E. Lassells
Leonard Dempster Mary J. Dempter
Deloss Dempster Catherine Vanallen
Phaillip Baum Catherine Frederick
Daniel Weaver Naomi Fical
Martin Weaver Elizabeth Harr
Adam Weaver Charles Vanallen
Francis Wlarath Whitman Spontnable
Joseph Dygert Samual Warters
Jacob Michael John Keg**
Thomas Van Allen Peter Keg**
John P. Elias David Dempster
Charles Papsworth Anna J. Butler
James Elias   
Levi Smith
William Chatterson
Lewis Cline
Harmon Cline
John M. Haughton
Alansing S. Haughton
Henry Frederick
Charles Frederick
William A. Countryman
Stephen Still

  * (There was a Dr. Drake for years in Lasselsville)

 ** (Changed to "Keck") 

District #15 school house was located off from Cline Road (east end).
The building still stands and is owned as a camp by Wayne Montana.


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