Students of Yonkers Bush, NY 1893

The following was kindly submitted by Karen Dutton. There are two school related photos among her family heirlooms.   The teacher, Robert John Van Deusen, is her husband's great grandfather.


Note: The following names are those of the pupils of the school in Yonkers Bush, NY. This picture was taken by Wm. Wiley of St. Johnsville, NY July 21, 1893.  R. J. Van Deusen (teacher) writes:  "Nos. 13 and 29 were not my pupils when this was taken; but they came under my instruction the next summer when I taught at the same place."

Inscription on photo (this appears to have been a one-room schoolhouse, as the children are of all ages- Kindergarten to D?);  the following list was written Nov. 26, 1898:
1. Mary Flanders
2. Bertha Flanders
3. Leona Pomeroy (now Mrs. Wm. Howe)
4. Myra Flanders (sister of Mary Flanders)
5. Edna House
6. Mary Wilson
7. Nina Weaver
8. Winfield Duesler
9. David Flanders
10. R. J. Van Deusen (teacher)
11. Alice Howe
12. Jessie Flanders (sister of Bertha Flanders)
13. Emma Flanders (sister of Bertha Flanders)
14. Hattie Flanders (sister of Mary Flanders)
15. Katie Hayes
16. Minnie House
17. Cora Shuster
18. Minnie Flanders (sister of Bertha Flanders)
19. Lena House (sister of Minnie House)
20. Arthur Moyer
21. Ervin Flanders
22. Daniel House (brother of Minnie House)
23. Chauncy Deusler
24. Fred Thumb
25. George Shuster (brother of Cora Shuster)
26. Benjamin R. Peter
27. Wesley Howe (brother of Alice Howe)
28. Charles Walrath
29. Everett Flanders (brother of Mary Flanders)
30. Avery Flanders (brother of Mary Flanders)

In the above photo, the group is standing in front of a white clapboard exterior wall, and the windows have louvered shutters of a medium to light color.  In the second picture (below), the entire schoolhouse is visible, with no other buildings around it, painted a dark color (red?) with white trim, appears much smaller than the building in the first picture, and has no shutters on the windows. It is possible the first photo was taken in front of a building other than the schoolhouse.

There is a second photograph, containing many of the same children, with R. J. Van Deusen as teacher, labeled as follows. Given the appearance of the children, it must have been within a year or two of the above picture, possibly in 1894, when he notes that he taught there in the summer.

Northern Survey Co., Albany, N.Y.;  names are listed left to right as 1 row.

Bertha Flanders
Geo Shuster
Mary Flanders
Lizzie Allter
Daniel House
Edna House
Mary Wilson
Benj. Ro. Peter
Eva Duesler
Chauncey Duesler
Nina Weaver
Fred Thumb
R. J. Van Deusen, teacher
Lena House
Katie Hayes,
Arthur Walter?[sic]
Elsie Thumb
Hattie Flanders
Minnie House
Cora Shuster
Irvin Flanders


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