Primary Election Petition, Johnstown 1939

Jeanne Galway kindly submitted this petition for the Primary Election on Sept. 19, 1939.  It was kept among family papers of Clarence Foland.
"That was the first time my Grandfather Clarence Foland ran for Supervisor in the Town of Johnstown. He won the election that year and was in office from 1940 until his death in 1951.  However, this petition was never filed."

This form to be used when qualified official or Witness authenticates signatures of signers.

I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I am a duly enrolled voter of the Republican Party and entitled to vote at the next primary election of such party, that my place of residence is truly stated opposite my signature hereto and that I intend to support at the ensuing primary and I do hereby designate the following named person (persons) as candidate ( or as candidates) for nomination of such party to be voted for at the primary election to be held on the 19th day of September, 1939, as hereby specified.

Name of Candidate Public Office/Party Position Place of Residence
Clarence Foland Supervisor, Town of Johnstown R.D.#1, Gloversville


Fulton-Hamilton Assembly District Ward
Election District, Town of Johnstown
County of Fulton, N.Y.

I do hereby appoint (here insert names and address of at least three persons, all of them whom shall be enrolled voters of said Party)

Name Place of Residence
A.Wellington Peck     Pecks Park, New York
D. J. Meyers RD 3, Gloversville, N.Y.
Charles Earl RD 2, Johnstown, N.Y.
Nelson H.Pierce RD 3, Gloversville, N.Y.
Clarence Hohler Gloversville-Caroga Lk Rd.,
Gloversville, N.Y


As committee to fill vacancies in accordance with the provisions of the Election Laws.

Date Name Residence Dist.
7/15 George Manchester RD# 3 2
7/15 Maude (?) Baker RD# 3 2
7/15 Doris Baker RD# 3 2
7/15 Grace R. Cook RD# 3 2
7/15 C.E. Santhard RD# 3 2
7/15 Clia (?) Cook RD# 3 2
7/15 C. H.Gustavison RD# 3 2
7/15 Homer Myers RD# 3 2
7/15 Leon H. Cook RD# 3 2
7/15 D. J. Myers RD# 3 2
7/15 Margaret Voight RD# 3 2
7/15 William C. Vioght RD# 3 2
7/15 Florence E. Farrant RD# 1 1
7/15 William A. Farrant RD# 1
7/15 Harry P.Ticgen (?) RD# 2 2
7/15 Charles Blanchard RD# 2 2
7/15 Chas. Blanchard Jr. RD# 2 2
7/15 James Black RD# 3 2
7/17 Helen M. Meyers RD# 3 2
7/17 Janet M. Meyers RD# 3 2



Gortan A. Hamilton, (name of witness) being duly sworn, says: I am a duly qualified voter of the State of New York and now reside in the Town of Johnstown in the County of Fulton, in such state at R.D.#3 Gloversville. The said residence i in the 2nd election district of the Town of Johnstown, County of Fulton. I was last registered for the general election in the year 1938 from RD#3 Gloversville in the Town of Johnstown, Fulton County, in such state. I know each of the voters whose names ar subscribed to the above sheet of the foregoing petition containing 20 signatures and each of them subscribed the same in my presents and upon subscribing declared to me that the foregoing statement made and subscribed by him or her, was true.

Gortan A. Hamilton
Signature of Witness

Sworn to before me
this 15 day of July 1939

Helen M. Meyers
Notary Public, Official title of officer.


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