Revolutionary War Pension
Nicholas Stoner

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Revolutionary War
Declaration for Pension
Nicholas Stoner
Series: M805, Roll: 778, File # W6181 / BLWT35-60-55 / BLWT7736-100

Stoner, Nicholas & Hannah
Service: New York
Issued May 3, 1792; no papers

New York Roll (No. 1695)
Nicholas Stoner; Private; New York Line - 1777, 6 years
Inscribed on the Roll of New York at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence on the 8th of April 1818.
Certificate of pension issued 30 of June 1818 and sent to the pensioner at Johnstown, New York.
Arrears to 4th of Sept. 1818. 4 months 27 / 30 $39.20
{Revolutionary claim, Act 18th March 1818}

State of New York, Montgomery County
        Nicholas Stoner of the county aforesaid being duly sworn says that he served during the Revolutionary war as a Musician in Captain Pell's Company, Colonel James Livingston's Regiment; and afterwards in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Van Courtland of the New York line from the year 1777 until the peace of 1783 when he obtained an honorable discharge at NewBurgh in the state of New York which discharge is enclosed.
        And this deponent further says that by reason of his reduced circumstances he needs the assistance of his country for support, and that he receives no pension at present from the United States.
[Signed] N Stoner
Subscribed and sworn to this 8th day of April 1818 before me, James Hildreth, one of the Judges for the County of Montgomery and state of New York

State of New York, Montgomery Co.
        Richard Dodge of county aforesaid being duly sworn says that he served in the revolutionary war; that he was then well acquainted with Nicholas Stoner the above deponent, and knows him to have served as stated by him in his affidavit, from the year 1780 until the end of the revolutionary war.
[Signed] Richard Dodge ...

State of New York, Montgomery County
        On this fifteenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1820 personally appeared in open court of common pleas of said county being a court of record for the said county constituted by the statutes of said state... Nicholas Stoner aged, about fifty six years, resident in said county who first being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows to wit: in Captain Pell's Company, Colonel [Cortland's ?] Regiment New York line; that the date of his pension certificate is the 30th day of June 1818 and is numbered 1695 and I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818; and that I have not since that time by gift, sale or in any manner disposed of my property...
Real estate, None. [I Occupy ?] 29 acres of land as tenant at will; Personal estate: one mare, one cow, three hogs, some fowls, one chest of drawers, [?], 4 pots and kettles, half dozen old knives and forks, half dozed tea cups and saucers, crockery, 13 hunting traps, 1 plough, one iron chain. Family consists of four persons; his wife, Anna, aged about fifty seven years infirm in health; his son Obadiah aged nineteen years; his daughter Catherine aged eighteen years. That he is by occupation a farmer or day laborer.
[Signed] N. Stoner...
[Note: his personal estate totaled $91.00]

New York
Hannah Stoner, widow of Nicholas Stoner, NY, who served in the revolutionary war as a private inscribed on the roll at the rate of 96 dollars 00 cents per annum, to commence on the 24 November 1853 - certificate of pension issued 31st day of March 1854 and sent to claimant, Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY. Recorded on roll of pensioners under act February 3, 1853 Page 86 Vol. 4

New York State
Fulton County
On this 13th day of March 1853 personally appeared before the County Court of Fulton and State of New York Hannah Stoner a resident of the town of Johnstown in the County of Fulton and State of New York aged sixty two years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration...
That she is the widow of Nicholas Stoner deceased who was a private and fifer in the army of the Revolution; that the said Nicholas Stoner on account of his said service was awarded a pension under the act of congress passed 18th March 1818 at the rate of Ninety six Dollars per annum; That his services were rendered in the New York State line in said army, which fact and other particulars regarding said services are set forth in his papers on file as declarent has been informed and believes in the matter of his application for a pension under said act of 18th March 1818.
        She further declares that she was married to said Nicholas Stoner on the twenty second day of April one thousand eight hundred and forty at Johnstown by James T. Hildreth, Esq. A Justice of the town of Johnstown, Fulton County & state of New York and he has moved off to the state of Wisconsin; That her said husband died on the twenty fourth day of November one thousand eight hundred & fifty three; That she was the widow of Henry Frank deceased before she was married to the said Nicholas Stoner; That she was not married to him prior to the second day of January eighteen hundred but at the time stated above; She further declares that she, Hannah Stoner, is now his widow and still unmarried.
Hannah Stoner X her mark

        I Harriat M. Pye of the Town of Johnstown in the County aforesaid being first duly sworn according to law doth on my oath depose and say I am years thirty six of age; That she knew the widow Hannah Frank the declarent in the above case from her earliest recollection, she [?] the deponent's mother she knew Nicholas Stoner but a short time before he was married to her mother Hannah Frank. Nicholas Stoner was married with the widow Hannah Frank on the twenty second day of April one thousand eight hundred and forty by James [I. ?] Hildreth a Justice of the Peace at the house of [Tunis Van Street ?] at the village of Johnstown. That Nicholas Stoner was married [two months ?] after the time the deponent was married to John Pye which makes [?] the 22 day of April 1840tha date of deponent's certificate of marriage to John Pye is the 22 of Feby 1840 which amkes this [deponent ?] [?] will [?].
X her mark

        I Charles R. Bellows of the town of Johnstown and Village of Gloversville, undertaker aged thirty eight years who being duly sworn according to law do on my oath say that this deponent [?] to have furnished the coffin for Nicholas Stoner also the hearse to convey the coffin from the house to the grave which was done on the twenty sixth day of November one thousand eight hundred and fifty three; I, this deponent, have the record of the time on my books. The day of burial which is the 26th day of November 1853.
[Signed] Charles R. Bellows
Sworn to before me this 22nd day of March 1854
N. J. Johnson, County Judge of Fulton County

Bounty Land Warrant Record Card
Stoner, Nicholas, Private, New York Line
Warrant #7736 and 35
Issued May 3, 1792

[Type written letter]
April 16, 1937
Mr. Jacob H. Stoner
343 Clayton Avenue
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Stoner
W. 6181

Dear Sir:
        Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Nicholas Stoner, shown as a pensioner of Fulton County, New York, in 1840, also in Montgomery County.
        The data given herein were found in pension claim, W. 6181, based upon service of Nicholas Stoner in the Revolutionary War.
        Nicholas Stoner enlisted, the place not given, served as a musician in Captain Pell's company, Colonels James Livingston's and P. Van Cortland's 2nd New York regiment and was discharged "at the peace in 1783", in Newburgh, New York, having served six years.
        He was allowed a pension on his application executed April 8, 1818, at which time he resided in Montgomery County, New York.
        In 1820, the soldier gave his age as fifty-six years, but did not state the date and place of his birth, nor the names of his parents. His family living with him then consisted of his wife, Anna, aged about fifty-seven years, his son, Obadiah, aged about nineteen years, and his daughter, Catherine, aged eighteen years. The maiden name of his wife, the date and place of their marriage, and the date of her death are not shown. The soldier married April 22, 1840, in Johnstown, Fulton County, New York, Hannah Frank, then the widow of Henry Frank. The date of death of Henry Frank was not given.
        Nicholas Stoner died November 24, 1853 in Corago [sic], Fulton County, New York.
        Hannah Stoner, the soldier's widow, was allowed pension on her application executed March 13, 1853, at which time she resided in Johnstown, Fulton County, New York; she was aged then sixty-two years. The date and place of birth of said Hannah, her maiden name, and the names of her parents are not given.
        In 1854, John Pye, aged thirty-five years, and his wife, Harriat [sic] M. Pye, aged thirty-six years, were residents of Johnstown, Fulton County, New York; Said Harriat was the daughter of Hannah Frank, and was married to John Pye February 23, 1840. Both John Pye and his wife, Harriat, were present at the marriage of Nicholas Stoner to the widow, Hannah Frank.
        There are no further data in regard to the family of Nicholas Stoner.
        In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, name of person paid, and possibly, the date of death of Hannah Stoner, the pensioner, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city, and cite the following:
Hannah Stoner, widow of Nicholas Stoner
Certificate #3958
Issued March 31, 1854
Rate $96 per annum
Commenced November 24, 1853
Act of February 3, 1853
New York Agency
        Very truly yours,
A. D. Hiller
Executive Assistant to the Administrator


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