Please Read Before You Write

As a volunteer for the GenWeb and ALHN sites, I am interested in posting historical or genealogical material on the net.  This material may be found by me, or provided by other researchers.  I am not a professional historian or genealogist, but simply an amateur researcher who is interested in helping to make this information more widely available!  Unless otherwise posted, I do not have any further resources that I can be research to answer your inquiries!  So keeping this in mind...

For specific questions on your family or on the history of the area:

Please write to me only if:

1)  you have found any problems with links, etc. on this site,
2)  you have material or services to donate to this site,
3)  you are sending in a surname to post, 
4)  you have comments/suggestions on how to improve this site,

and please be sure to reference Fulton county in your message!

Lisa Slaski - USGenWeb Fulton county NY coordinator


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