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Proceedings of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors Since Our Last Report.
Thursday, Nov. 15.

  The board reconvened at the Supervisors rooms with Mr. Brown in the chair. All the members were present except Stewart and Pierce.
  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
  A petition signed by Daniel Stewart and Talmadge L. Parsons, as assessors, was offered by Mr. Van Heusen, asking that George W. Hildreth, who was assessed $500 too much be refunded the difference.
  On motion of Mr. Van Arnam, the prayer of the petitioners was granted.
  A petition from Martin J. Hayes, who is assessed for certain property, was offered by Mr. Van Arnam, asking that the assessment be stricken from the assessment roll, he being a pensioner of the United States, and that money received for said pension was used in repairing said property. The matter was referred to the Judiciary Committee.
  Another petition from George J. Ferguson, who is assessed for certain property, was offered by Mr. Van Arnam, asking that the assessment be stricken from the assessment roll, as he is a pensioner of the United States, and that money received for pension was used in purchasing said property. This was also referred to the Judiciary Committee.
  Mr. Van Heusen offered a petition from Hugh Christie, a former Justice of the Peace of the town of Johnstown, appealing to the board from the disallowance by the town auditing board of said town at a recent meeting in November, 1894, of the accounts of himself as Justice of the Peace in said town for fees in criminal proceedings. The certificate of said auditing and disallowance was filed in the County Clerk's office. On motion the petition was laid on the table.


  The several committees have reported and the certificates have all been examined. The only work remaining is the signing of the report.



  The board met at 9 o'clock. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
  By Mr. Leavitt:
  Resolved, That the Supervisors of the several towns be and are hereby authorized and directed to add to the assessment rolls of their respective towns a relevy of taxes rejected by the Comptroller, and to correct any description of non-resident or State lands therein in conformity with recommendations from the Comptroller.  Adopted.
  By Mr. Brown:
  Resolved, That the clerk of this board notify the several Justices of the Peace (who have not already reported) of this county, the Sheriff and District Attorney, to make their report to the Board of Supervisors on or before December 9th, stating the amount of fines received, from whom, and what disposition has been made of the fines so received, with an affidavit attached to said report with the proper receipts attached, and that their bills will not be audited until said report is received. Adopted.
  A recommendation from the last Grand Jury was read recommending that the Sheriff be empowered to properly ventilate the county jail, as the same was found to be improperly ventilated. Also one from Justice S. A. Kellogg, recommending that the Supervisors see that the Court House is properly ventilated, so as not to imperil the lives of those who attend court, and if the Supervisors neglect this duty the court will take the matter in hand and demand it.
  Mr. Brown moved that the chairman appoint a committee of three members of the board to make the necessary repairs and to report as to the repairs required to this board at its present session.
  The chair appointed as such committee Messrs. Brown, Schoonmaker and McIntyre.
  The following notices from the Comptroller were read:
  The board of equalization of taxes, in pursuance of Chapter 312 of the laws of 1859, have fixed and aggregate valuation of property in your county at the sum of $10,998,061, upon which amount a State tax of #23,953.57, must be levied for the fiscal year commencing Oct. 1st,


1894, as provided in said act and amendments thereto by Chapter 351 of the laws of 1874, being 2 18-100 mills on the dollar, for the following purposes, viz.:

For Schools, 95-100 mills, Chap. 769, 
  laws of 1894,..... $10,438.66
For State Care of Insane, 33-100 mills,
  Chap. 381, laws of 1894,..... $3,626.06
For General purposes, 55-100 mills, Chap.
  769, laws of 1894 and
For Canals, 35-100 mills, Chap. 297-769,
  laws of 1894,......$9,389.28

total, $23, 953.27

  In addition to the State tax of 2 18-100 mills directed to be levied, as stated above, the Board of Supervisors is required to raise the sum of $640.04 for the compensation of the stenographers of the Supreme Court in the Fourth Judicial District from Oct. 1st, 1894 to Sept., 30th, 1895, as authorized by law.
  A petition was offered by Mr. Filmer from the assessors of the city of Gloversville asking that the following property be placed on the assessment roll, it having been omitted when the assessment roll was made up:
  Mrs. John Shephard, house and lot, 14 Jay street, valuation $400. (Bought of Frank Murphy).
  Adam Daniels, lot, Union street, valuation, $150. (Bought of Stevens.)
  Hattie and May Childs, house and lot, 65 Prospect street, valuation $600. (Bought of J. Bentley.)
  Another petition was presented asking that the property assessed to Jesse Honeywell, house and lot 13 Van Wyck street, valuation $50, be stricken from the list, as the property does not exist. That the assessment of William Hemstreet, house and lot, 128 North Main street, valuation $2,000 be changed to $1,300, as the amount was a clerical error. That the assessment of Jesse Hall, personal property, $700, be stricken from the assessment roll, as it was placed there by error. That the property assessed to Sarah Kenyon, house and lot Grand avenue, be changed to Arthur Kennedy, who owns said property.
  On motion of Mr. Brown the petition was granted.
  By Mr. Deuel:
  Resolved, That the clerk be directed to classify all bills presented to this board for audit, and to place the same in the hands of the proper committee. Adopted.
  The report of the County Judge and Surrogate was read and ordered to be printed.
  The reports of the District Attorney and Superintendent of Poor were read and also ordered printed.
  The board then adjourned.


Cranberry Creek.

  Charles Graham lost a valuable cow last Saturday.
  E. J. Riddle has his new hen house nearly completed, and when done will be the finest in this section.
  Mr. and Mrs. George Lee are rejoicing over a young piece of humanity; weight 10-1/2 pounds, and Mac, the grandpa, is so smiling over the advent that he walks around and almost whispers it in his own ear.
  Two young bloods were seen last Sunday, when the people were coming from church, driving through our streets at the top of the poor horses speed under that influence which make men mellow and degraded, and if the thing occurs again they will be delt with according to law. A word is sufficient.
  J. W. Armstrong is on the road with as fine a lot of Dress Goods and Yankee Notions that can be found this side of the city of Albany, which he is selling cheap. Go in Jack.
  We would say the Hardscrable Guide is alive and kicking, and that they will hear from him later on. Au revoir.


Carpenters Corners.

  Mr. W. S. Miner spent a few days last week in Johnstown.
  Mr. and Mrs. George Hayden and Miss Bertha Hayden are spending the week in Gloversville.
  Enos Levvie visited Conklingville last week.
  Mrs. Katherine Walker visited Mrs. T. A. Carpenter and Sarah Grennell this week.
  Mr. Frye, of Cazenovia, has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Jennie Hinkley, this week.
  Mrs. M. L. Snyder visited at Mrs. Coleson's on Tuesday.
  Mr. Wm. Wadsworth and Mrs. C. R. Carpenter, of Hope, passed through town Wednesday of last week, en route for Conklingville. They returned Thursday, bringing Mrs. Carpenter's sister, Miss Libbie Kathan, with them. She will make her home with Mrs. Carpenter the coming winter.
  Mrs. A. C. Miner is no better than at last writing.
  Mrs. D. L. Carpenter, Miss May Carpenter and Enos Levvie were guests at C. R. Carpenter's at Hope on Saturday and Sunday last.
 Mr. E. A. Carpenter has taken a contract to build a large horse shed for F. J. Morey, of Northville.
  Mr. Dr. Avery, of Northville, visited Miss Clara Holmes last Saturday.
  Mr. Wm. Fairchild and Mr. Paul Williams are putting new roofs on their houses. It is quite an improvement.



The Canvass of the Votes Cast in Fulton County at the Recent Election.

  The board of canvassers have completed their work. Below we publish a table of the votes showing the pluralities. The figures do not differ materially from these published just after election:

Levi P. Morton, Rep., 5,752
David B. Hill, Dem., 3,593
Everett P. Wheeler, R. Dem., 59
Francis E. Baldwin, Pro., 358
Charles P. Matthews, Peo., 41
Charles E. Matchett, S. L., 74
Plurality for Morton, 2,159

Charles T. Saxton, Rep., 5,761
Daniel N. Lockwood, Dem., 3,636
Justus Miller, Pro., 364
Plurality for Saxton, 2,125

Albert Haight, Rep., 5,758
Charles F. Brown, Dem., 3,635
Zachariah P. Taylor, Pro., 366
Plurality for Haight, 2,123

Newton M. Curtis, Rep., 5,152
Thomas R. Hossie, Dem., 3,180
Joseph L. Weed, Pro., 362
Plurality for Curtis, 1,972

Philip Keck, Rep., 5,774
Eugene D. Scribner, Dem., 3188
John Roberts, Pro., 359
Plurality for Keck 2,586

Franklin N. Wright, R., 5,773
John A. Hager, D., 3,178
Daniel A. Bissell, Pro., 362
Plurailty for Wright, 2,595

John W. Joslin, R., 5,769
William G. Miller, D., 3,182
James K. Young, Pro., 362
Plurality for Joslin, 2,587

For, 4,696
Against, 2,773
Majority for 1,923

For, 4,864
Against, 2,753
Majority for 2,111

For, 4,713
Against, 2,873
Majority for 1,840

For, 4,618
Against, 2,814
Majority for 1,804

For, 4,666
Against, 2,882
Majority for 1,784


They Killed Each Other.

  Samuel Jones set a trap for a fox the other day at the upper end of the old Frazier clearing, near Rondout, and when he went to see if he had caught anything, Saturday, he found that the trap was gone, notwithstanding it had been secured by a chain and a heavy staple driven into a log alongside.
  The chain had been broken and there was rather a plain trail in the dead leaves.
  This trail Jones followed until he got to a small opening, about a dozen rods away, where on the moss lay the fox, dead, yet holding fast by the throat a dead eagle.
  The eagle, in flying over the woods, had seen the entrapped fox and swooped down upon it, but the fox, although crippled by the trap, had made a good fight and had killed his assailant while yielding up his own life.





A. H. Avery, Son & Co., 7 South Main St., Gloversville, N.Y.; Silver ware, China, Glass ware.
Wm. Argersinger, 127 West Main Street, Johnstown, N. Y.; Hats.
C. W. Smith, Counselor At Law; Cross Building, Johnstown, N. Y.
City Steam Laundry, Gloversville, N. Y.; H. F. Fisher, Agent.
English, "The Tailor", 21 South Main St., Gloversville, N. Y.
Gloversville Business College, Gloversville, N.Y.; U. G. Patterson, Principal.
John G. Ferres, Hardware Merchant, Johnstown, N.Y.; "Oliver Chilled Plows - Clean in all soils".
Steam Laundry Co., Gloversville, N. Y.; Frank Chequer, Agent
Troy Business College, 73 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y..


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