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  R. H. Hanley, of Piseco, was in town Tuesday.
  Abe Lawrence, of Newtons Corners, was in town Sunday.
  Rev. Henry W. Leigh, of Benson, was in town yesterday.
  R. G. Ostrander made a business trip to Northville, Wednesday.
  Henry Peck has again returned to the woods, after a few weeks vacation.
  Counselor F. M. Rogers made a business trip to Northville, Wednesday.
  John Tucker and Albon Harrington, of Oregon was in town, Tuesday, for a short visit.
  Mrs. Minnie Ostrander has returned home, after several weeks visit with friends at Saratoga.
  Nelson Pelcher, who has a log job, in the town of Benson, spent the Sabbath at his home in this place.
  Alfred Ronald returned from Lake Pleasant, where he had been spending a few days, on Sunday.
  The laundryman is now prepared for business. he will soon advertise his prices. Watch for them.
  Miss Minnie Brown, of Newtons Corners, entered upon her new duties, at the Wells hotel, Monday morning.
  Ernest Randall returned from Lake Pleasant, where he had been rusticating for several days, on Sunday last.
  Wm. Wakley, of Indian Lake, spent the latter part of last week in town, the guest of his son-in-law, M. O'Riley.
  An insurance adjuster was in town Wednesday adjusting the insurance on the tannery store, which was recently burned.
  David Chamberlin was in town Wednesday. Dave has been spending the summer at Wilmurt, and came back looking fine.
  Two horses belonging to Sampson Hosley were recently found dead, in a pasture at Oregon, where they have been kept during the summer.
  Mrs. T. L. Ostrander, who has been quite sick at Broadalbin for several weeks past, has so far recovered that she returned to her home Tuesday.
  Town clerk Buyce and wife, of Newtons Corners, were in town yesterday afternoon, calling on friends. While here Mr. Buyce made this office a very pleasant call.
  Mr. G. W. Toblee, of Blue Mountain Lake, was in town, Wednesday, looking up affidavits to secure the insurance on a horse, belonging to him, which recently died here.
  Several from this village attended the auction sale, at the home of Mr. Lobdell, at Hope Center, Saturday. Among those who made purchases were W. M. Ryan and Wallace Hosley.
  Dr. Thompson, formerly a practicing physician at this place, now located at Tannersville, Green county, N.Y., is in town visiting friends. The Dr. has many warm friends in this vicinity.
  Thomas Bolton, of Oregon, was in town Saturday, looking for a horse trade. Landlord Pettit at once stepped to the front, but although considerable horse talk was indulged in, no trade was made.
  The ninth supervisor has returned home, after a week's sojourn at the county seat. He says every thing was passing off so smoothly that he concluded the business would all be done properly if he did not remain.
  Wm. H. Ronald is busily engaged in building "jumpers." He now has one already finished for Hon. John H. Starin, and is now at work on one for Geo. Bates which, when finished, promises to be the finest in town. Billy informs us that he has orders for several more.
  Mr. Chas. Brown, of Northampton, a former resident of this place, was in town, Tuesday, introducing a new brand of stove polish, which he is now manufacturing. He claims this polish to be the best ever placed on the market. When located here, Mr. Brown conducted a tonsorial parlor.
  E. J. Earley holds the championship for raising large Pigs. On Tuesday he killed one which tipped the scale at 754 pounds. How's that for a porker? Another, killed at the same time, weighed 282 pounds. There was quite a contrast noticable as they hung side by side.
  Frank Stoddard, of Northville, who has been at work on the residence of Wm. Pettit for several weeks, has finished his work here and returned to his home. Mr. Stoddard has a position for the winter at Glens Falls, and will commence work there on Monday next.
  Only two horses were put under the hammer at Hugh Mitchell's auction Wednesday afternoon and both were bid off by George Bates. Bidders were scarce and George had it all his own way. Both were young horses and sold dirt cheap, on bringing $75 and the other only $50. Mr. Mitchell then discontinued the sale, prefering to keep the remainder of his stock, rather than sell them at such a sacrifice.




  Mr. John Michaels, who has kept the boarding house at the tannery for the past five years, has moved his family to Northville, and the building vacated by him, will be at once refitted and used for store purposes. By the departure of Mr. Michaels, our village looses one of its most estimable citizen.


Indian Lake.

  The snow of last week, has nearly all melted away.
  Mrs. James Farrell is very sick with typhoid fever. 
  Dennis Linhan has returned from North Creek.
  Miss Libbie Hutchins is very sick with diphtheria.
  Mrs. Edward McSweeney is spending a few days at Saratoga.
  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farrell have returned to their home in Glens Falls.
  R. A. Gray, the popular Wellstown liveryman, made our town a call last week.
  A very pleasant social hop was indulged in at the Indian Lake house, a few evenings since.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brooks have gone to Cedar River, where they are employed by Carlos Hutchins.
  Wm. Spain, proprietor of the Forrest house, advertises to give a grand ball in his hotel, on Thanksgiving night.
  The sawmill, owned by John McGinn, D. L. Kendall and others was burned to the ground one night recently.
  Miss Margaret Laprarie, who has been spending several weeks with her aunt, Mrs. E. McSweeney, has returned to her home at North Creek.
  Miss Effie Eldridge entertained a number of her friends at her home on the eighteenth anniversary of her birthday. many costly and beautiful presents were presented her. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hickey, Mr. and Mrs. William Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Kendall, the Misses Julia and G. Elizabeth McGinn, Margaret Heffernan, Grace Starbuck, Emma Trip, Lena Hall, Lola and Lena Casey, Sarah Brown, and Messrs Edmund Lampear, Theodore Hall, John Tibado, Milo Daniels, Daniel La Prear, Willie Roblee, Willard Dergan, Allie porter and Samuel Brown.


Newton's Corners.

  Counselor F. M. Rogers, was in town last week, on business.
  Johny Call, of Lake Pleasant, is working at the Forrest house.
  Sylvester and Forrest Brown, each purchased a horse recently.
  The new organ for the school house is expected next week.
  The Jussen-Meyrowitz cottage will be finished in a few days.
  Jenkins & Holloway are repairing their paint shop and making preparations for the work they have to do this winter.
  Leo. L. Fountain is digging a well on his lot. His new house is almost completed and, when finished, will be the nicest in the place.
  Isaiah Perkins won the pig, at the raffle, at the Sacandaga Lake Hotel, Lake Pleasant, on the 17th inst. The pig weighed 125 pounds, and cost him seventy five cents.
  Adam Hunter, of the firm of Grant & Hunter, of Gloversville, was here last week to set up a monument in the cemetery for John F. and Alvah W. Buyce, in memory of their mother, who died on the 16th day of June, 1893. The stone stands 12-1/2 feet high and weighs 5,000 pounds.
  What has happened that we hear nothing more about those iron bridges; is this also a "flash in the pan," and will this project terminate like the fence around the cemetery and numerous other much needed things that have been proposed in the last six months? Why procrastinate!

"Men of words, and not of deeds, 
Are like a garden full of weeds."


  Whereas, my wife, Myra Randall, has left my bed and board, without just cause or provocation, I hereby forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no bills of her contracting, after this date.
  Dated, Wells, N.Y., Nov. 5th, 1894.

Ernest Randall.

Found in Camp.

  A hound dog came to our camp in the woods Oct. 30, 1894. The following is a description of the dog: Large white dog with black ears, tan color under eyes, small black spot top of tail, small black spot top of hips and large black spot on right side. The owner can have same by calling on James C. Sturges, Newtons Corners, and paying charges.




Board of Supervisors

Still in Session at the county Seat - A Petition Presented, Asking that a Fire Proof Addition be Built on to the Clerk's Office
- Other Proceedings.

  The board met at 9 o'clock a. m. on Friday in the fourth day of annual session, with members all present.
  The bond of Robert G. Ostrander, as Superintendent of the Poor, was presented and approved.
  A petition was presented asking the board to provide a new fire proof addition to the clerk's office and laid on the table.
  The following bills were allowed:
O. S. Griffing, county clerk, $72.42.
Addison McIntyre, Justice, 2.85.
    (Charged to Lake Pleasant.)
Wm. Patterson, Justice, 8.80.
Wm. Patterson, Justice, 8.75 of which $6.45 was charged to the county and $1.30 to Lake Pleasant.
  A resolution fixing the price for printing ballots for future elections at $4.00 per thousand was adopted.
  Bill of Charles Schuyler, constable, was allowed at $4.15.
  Bill of Sidney Smith, constable, claimed $20.90, allowed $16.65.
  Bill of Charles Letson, Jr., as assessor was allowed at $8.00 and charged to the town of Lake Pleasant.
  Resolution, allowing O. S. Griffing $75 for extra services during the last election was adopted.
  The Committee on Sheriff's accounts reported the following bills:
Hugh Call, deputy sheriff, $107.87
George H. Tripp, Sheriff, 191.00
George H. Tripp, Sheriff, 375.50
Allowed as reported.
  Bills of E. Ostrander & Co. of $5 and $47.75 for printing were allowed.
  Board then adjourned till 9 a.m.


  Board met at 9 a.m. with all members present.
  George D. Rhodes, superintendent of the poor, reported settlement with E. E. Parks, whereby the county was relieved from future support of Lydia [........].
  B. F. Nichols was elected janitor of the court house for the ensuing year at a salary of $45.00.
  By resolution, Christiana Rhodes was allowed $35 for burial and $15 for head stone, for Samuel Rhodes, a deceased soldier, late of Hope. A similar sum was allowed in case of Wm. P. Rhodes, late of Benson.
  By resolution, George A. McCoy was allowed $200 for traveling expenses as School commissioner.
  Wm. H. Fry was allowed $35 for services upon organization of the present board.
  A committee, consisting of Messrs Helms and Frank, was appointed to meet a similar committee from Herkimer, to adjust the county line between the two counties.
  Board here adjourned to Nov. 19th at 9. a. m.


  Board met pursuant to adjournment.
  Committee on sheriff's and constables accounts, reported the following bills:  Name, Claimed, Allowed
W. H. Gillis, $20.60, $18.60
W. H. Gillis, 4.95, 4.45
W. H. Gillis, 4.85, 4.35
W. H. Gillis, 12.50, 12.50
W. H. Gillis, 18.80, 10.00
W. H. Gillis, 27.75, 7.00
Jas. W. Cole, 5.20, 5.20
Report adopted.
  Committee on miscillaneous accounts reported the following bills:
Name, Claimed, Allowed
J. Rourke, rep. on jail, $148.15,
J. Houghton, Canv'sr, 28.00, 10.40
H. Kellogg, attorney, 5.00,
H. Kellogg, attorney, 5.00,
John S. Griffing, 10.00,
W. Jennings, coroner, 26.70,
W. Jennings, coroner, 58.30, 22.30
J. O Bryere, coroner, 45.80, 13.60
N. C. King, physician, 44.00,
J. H. Cunningham, 39.80,
L. S. Anibal, comm'sr, 150.70,
Henry Bradley, comm'sr, 150.51,
J. Argersinger, comm'sr, 120.86,

  Report adopted and the three last bills charged to the town of Long Lake.
  Dr. Fred Stevenson's bill of $120 allowed, and also bill of $30 allowed and charged to town of Long Lake.
  Board then adjourned until 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
  This account of the proceedings is up to noon on Monday. The balance of the proceedings to time of adjournment we hope to be able to give our readers in full, next week.



  On October 31st, I found a female hound dog of medium size, spotted in color, with two black spots on back and tan colored ears. The owner o this dog may have the same by calling at my residence, proving ownership and paying charges.

- George Stewart.



Adirondack Hotel, Wells, N. Y.; James Mitchell, Proprietor
Albany Business College, and School of Shorthand & Telegraphy
C. L. Fry, South Main Street, Wells, N.Y.; Dry Goods & Merchandise
Forest Hotel, Newtons Corners, N.Y.; John N. Buyce, Proprietor
G. G. Marvin, 19 So. Main St., Gloversville; Wall paper, paints, Interior Decorating
M. B. Hosley & Co., Wells, N.Y.; "The Best Flour is 'Diamond Metal'."
Mills Furniture Co., 45 North Main Street, Gloversville; "Undertaking A Specialty"
New York Life Insurance Co., Hyer Block, Wells, N. Y.; Fred M. Rogers, Agent & Attorney at Law
Tonsorial Parlor, Wells, N.Y.; "Fine shaving and Hair dressing"; William Greenslete, Proprietor
Wells Hotel, Wells, N.Y.; Joel Pettit, Proprietor


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