A Message from The Transcribers:


In transcribing a historical document such as this newspaper, the value of content, wording and appearance is appreciated and important to maintain.  At all times possible, the transcription has been true to the original.  Spellings are as they appear.  The spelling of names is always an issue - often written phonetically.  Please be aware of variations. 

In considering the purpose of this transcription, the main goal is post as much genealogical data as possible that is relevant to the areas (mainly Fulton and Hamilton Counties) within the contents.  The transcription of this edition of the newspaper has been to some extent modified in the following ways:



Advertisers listed on Page 7:

A. H. Avery & son & Co., No. 7 So. Main Street, Glvoersville; China, Tea and Chamber sets.
E. Fairchild & Co., Johnstown, N. Y.; Optomitrist.
Henry Foote, Heath Block, Northville, N. Y.; Plumber.
Willard & Partridge, Opposite the R. R. Depot; Dealers & Manufacturers of Lumber.


Advertisers listed on Page 8:

No advertisers listed.


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